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Today, I began the latest K Drama called My Lovable girl. So far two episodes have been released to fans through Dramafever!

This all new Drama has mw hooked with its star cast and heart warming story.

The drama features the almighty KPOP GOD (in my opinion of course) RAIN! Also Krystal of f(X) & Infinite’s L!! I was surprised to see that they got such a cool cast together for this drama

Rain plays a character named, Hyun Wook who is a talented music producer who lost his girlfriend in a tragic car accident. After 3 years of grieving he receives a mysterious phone call on his former girlfriend’s phone. There is a girl on the other line saying that she called her sister’s phone just to hear her voice in the voicemail & how she misses her so much. Hyun Wook remembers that sister and is determined to find her and make up to her for what has happened to her sister.

So far that’s all I can give you without spoilers but I have to say I’m enjoying this drama so far. The show I will warn you broke my heart a bit. (Not a spoiler you learn this right away) Hyun Wook’s dog has cancer and as a doggie lover knowing the dog is dying made me cry so much but, this little guy moves the plot in such a crazy way. Between the emotional scenes I have experienced in the first two episodes I have to say its full of humor as well.


If you are a fan of Rain, Krystal, or L definitely check this drama out they have plenty of screen time!

And As the episodes come expect more reviews

Until next time peace out (^^*)v


So cuuuuuuute <3

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