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In times of sadness and stress its good to take a moment and remember the good, the bad, and those who have been lost. I light a candle in honor of those people and in this time I close my eyes and speak to them in my mind because, deep down I know they are still with me surrounding me. If you are ever feeling sad about someone you have lost try this. Deep down I know it doesn’t bring them back but, it helps heal a bit of your heart to try it. In time I believe they send you messages back, whether it’s in a dream or a sign in front of your eyes. I know it might sound silly but, try it…


So my Dean and Cas sims were finally getting married. I spent an hour or so planning the wedding and reception and even had a blue and green theme to match their eyes. 

Everything was going great, they were married, kissed each other and all; but then their cute little reception opening went horribly wrong.

They were both meant to light a firework and send it into the sky but Cas kinda stuffed up…

And Dean then had to extinguish the fire and the party was cancelled.

Way to go Cas.



mariah carey and ariana grande getting in a fight

omfg this is hysterical

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So I was playing Sims 3 tonight.

Added Custom Music. Added Jason Derulo’s Wiggle just for laughs. My Sims ended up dancing to it and well as you can see…someone had that wiggle down pretty good xD

Ah Love & Dance <3

Chapter 21 is coming along well.

I blurred the text so that my readers couldn’t see the text just yet (hehe)

But I assure you that its coming along well. 

I have Jpop blaring to help me feel this Chapter.

Chapter 21 is called, “The Opportunity.”

Its a fun light chapter for once and nothing sad like the past few have been.

I may have it done and posted by tonight so hang on tight my Luvs <3

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